Meet Our Executive Board

Wallace, BElinda



Belinda Wallace is a native Atlanta resident with roots in the Bay Area of northern California. She comes from a family of java developers and entrepreneurs which eventually led her to her interest in tech. She is a junior at Georgia State studying Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Process Innovation. She worked with Aflac's Technology Business Management & Service Delivery team, first as an intern and then as a certified TBMA 2018 Co-op. She is a recipient of the largest scholarship offered at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and an alumna of two Georgia State Signature Programs, Panthers in the Valley (2017) and WomenLead (2018). She first joined AIS to get further involved with the CIS department, but soon found herself passionate for the organization and determined to see it grow and prosper.


“I actually first heard about AIS from a classmate and had only attended one meeting before I learned there was a Secretary position opening up for the next semester. My classmate urged me to apply, but I initially hesitated since I had little prior experience with AIS. Making the decision to apply for Secretary was a big step for me, and represents one of the first times I stepped out of my comfort zone to work for something that I was unsure of being qualified to do. This first step led to many more down the road, and is a big reason I am able to serve as President today. I’m thankful to be a part of such an incredible organization and my goal is to make every CIS Major at Georgia State feel the same impact that I feel every day from being a member of AIS.”


Sayeed, MEEZAn

VP of Finance and Membership


Meezan Sayeed is an Atlanta, Georgia native who went to high school in Gwinnett. He is a Senior at Georgia State University and on track to graduate with a BBA in Computer Informational Systems with a dual concentration in Data Analytics and Process Innovation. He strives to obtain a position at an innovative company, where his skills can be utilized to create effective business solutions. He has been a part of Association for Information Systems since March 2016 and is the VP of Finance and Membership since May 2018. He chose to be a part of AIS as a result of his interest in information systems and his aspirations to grow as a leader in the industry.

“I was lost early on in my educational career, I knew I wanted to do CIS but I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do. The AIS info session was such a great event that provided me one on one guidance and helped me to choose the path I wanted to take. I want to take my experiences from the corporate world and implement an open-door policy for all members to feel comfortable to reach out about any educational issues they may have and help cultivate more of an community for our members.”



Desai, Nihar

VP of operations


My name is Nihar Desai and I am a Computer Information Systems major with a focus in Cyber Security.  I was born here in Marietta, Georgia and have lived in Georgia all my life. I enjoy outdoor hiking, music and trying new foods. My greatest accomplishment is interning with a FinTech company since the end of my Freshman year. I have worked in multiple teams from IT Market Solutions, Project Management, Program Management and now Infrastructure Engineering.  Working in IT is a passion of mine and causes me to be eager to learn new technologies. 


nguyen, harold



 Harold Nguyen, a Georgia born peach baby with Vietnamese roots, is a Computer Information Systems major with a concentration in process innovation. Harold is currently a senior and came to Georgia state from the University of North Georgia in 2016. Upon transferring he found a new passion, Computer Information Systems. An outlet he found to express his passion and allow others to learn about it was through joining Association for Information Systems. Currently he holds the position as secretary and will continue to do so until he graduates in spring of 2019.

“Once I heard of the open position for AIS I knew I had to obtain the spot. This has been an amazing opportunity to enlighten others in the field and allow myself to grow while doing so. It has been a humbling experience thus far.”